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D+H KA Series 800mm 24v DC Chain Actuator

D+H KA Series 800mm 24v DC Chain Actuator

Product Code: KA34/800

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The D+H KA series 800mm actuator is ideal for a wide range of uses including smoke & natural ventilation and different window types due to its large 800mm opening stroke and high 300N chain force. This actuator is highly intelligent and uses microprocessing technology to program and control the chains stroke length and speed functions.

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The KA34 Series 800mm 24v DC Chain Actuator from German manufacturer D+H is top of the range when it comes to window automation. This actuator is designed for use with a wide range of window types including bottom, side and top hung for use with natural and smoke ventilation systems.

Its in built microprocessor allows for the drive to be programmed to suit specific window types and requirements. The chain stroke length, speed and starting point can all be programmed by Be Safe Direct before delivery so the actuator is ready to be installed on site without delays. Window gasket relief after closing can also be programmed so the actuator provides a waterproof seal every time. Cable termination is also made easy as the connection cable can be wired at either end of the actuators body.

The actuators 800mm chain stroke can be used with windows that are side, top and bottom hung and roof domes for the purposes of natural ventilation and with its extra quiet running motor, the actuator is hardly noticed. It can also be fitted to side of bottom hung windows for smoke venting applications as it meets the requirements of EN 12101-2 and has a fire resistance of 300°C for 30 minutes. It also features a high speed mode for opening in an emergency. It is crucial when using this actuator for smoke venting that the window is suitably sized so the required free area is achieved when the chain is fully extended.

Amazing reliability and life span is to only be expected from purchasing this actuator as its under gone stringent testing with 10000 double strokes achieved under load. A 12 month manufacturers guarantee also provides peace of mind in the unlikely event of a fault.

If you require individual programming for this actuator, please feel free to Contact Us.

Product Code: KA34/800
Chain Stroke: 800mm
Voltage: 24v DC +-15%
Current Consumption: 1.0A
Chain Type: Standard Chain
Push Force: 300N
Pull Force: 300N
Locking Pressure: 1000N
Opening Time: 8.5 Seconds /100mm
Opening Time (High Speed): 8.2 ... 6.2s*/100mm
Closing Time: 10 Seconds /100mm
IP Rating: IP32
Temperature Range: -5C + 75C
Connection Cable: 2.5m Silicone Cable
Housing: Aluminium /Silver Anodized
Colour: Silver RAL9006
Weight: 2.6Kg
*load dependent