CO Latching Detector Panel

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The CO Relay Panel combined with the latching CO Detectors creates a remotely operated CO monitoring system, which will monitor Low and High CO levels and return the signal to the CO Panel which will switch 2 volt free contacts. When used in car parks, the 2 relays can be used to switch fans between the low and high CO condition by using a 3rd party 24v DC power supply across the volt free contacts in the CO Relay Panel. The intended use is for controlling CO levels in car parks which are mechanically ventilated. The CO Relay panel provides the necessary power supply to the CO Detectors and associated relays in the CO control panel. The installer is to provide the external 24v DC current across the volt free contacts so they can control the associated fans. The system provides a cost effective method of monitoring CO levels. Includes red call point mounted to the front of the CO Detector panel

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