FD Fire Control Damper

The FD Series Steel Curtain Fire Damper is designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts, walls, floors and ceilings.
The product range has many features and options to meet the requirements of specifiers, contractors, local and national authorities. Dampers are available to suit both low/medium and high velocity applications.

Features and Benefits

  • The majority of the FD product variants are covered by third party Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) product certification. This represents both full BS EN ISO 9001 quality compliance and a guarantee that the products are fully representative of those actually tested.
  • Tested and certified installation variants of the FD are available to cover masonry walls, dry walls, batt walls and floors. These cover the majority of applications/supporting constructions that are required to maintain compartmentation.
  • All tested installation methods give at least a E120 classification,usually only limited by the wall construction used. This is extended to E240 when installed using a HEVAC frame in a masonry/blockwork floor or wall.
  • Sleeve and angle methods, HEVAC frame methods, cleat and drop rod methods and batt infill methods are available.
  • Some rarer installation applications are covered by assessment/test information to BS 476-20/22.
  • Minimum size 100mm x 100mm.
  • Maximum single section size 1200mm x 1000mm, available from the smallest size up to this in millimetre increments.
  • Multi-section configurations are available to specific customer requirements, but will be subject to BCA approval.
  • Standard construction is a fully welded galvanised steel case, which gives a casing leakage that complies with Class C ductwork leakage specifications.
  • Other combinations of galvanised mild steel, type 1.4016 (430) and1.4401 (316) stainless steels for the blades and case are available to specific customer requirements.
  • The FD has a strong and robust design to both meet the exacting fire testing requirements and be resilient to site handling. This is supported by sound production techniques which result in a quality product.

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