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The FLW 32 is the latest in the line of products developed by Fieger and is characterized by a number of improvements on the best-selling FLW 28 system. The FLW 32 features either double or triple-glazed louvres, which can be used to meet both day-to-day natural ventilation and emergency smoke control requirements.

The option to use triple-glazed elements together with insulated framework means that very low U-values can be achieved. The FLW 32 SmoTec has been fully tested to EN 12101-2 for natural smoke ventilators. It has also been tested in accordance with BS 6180:2011 for barrier loads; this involved tests for line load, point load & uniformly distributed load.

The use of press-formed mitred corner joints, instead of butt joints, makes for an improved visual appearance. The patented pinions have been redesigned for greater resistance to vandal damage. The FLW 32 with triple-glazing, thermally-broken & insulated frames and class-leading low air permeability provides a highly efficient and sustainable solution to thermal comfort and emergency smoke venting applications.

Key Features:

  • Double or tripple-glazed
  • Thermally-broken frames
  • Optional insulated framework
  • EN 12101-2 tested
  • Tested to BS 6180: 2011 Barriers in and about buildings
  • Press formed mitred corner joints for improved appearance
  • Robust pinion design for reduced vandal damage
  • Integrated fixing adapters for ease of installation

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