FSD-TD Fire & Smoke Damper

The FSD-TD series of fire and smoke dampers are carefully engineered to fulfil the above and to have the advantage of having reduced smoke leakage characteristics. They can respond to a smoke alarm input as well as having a failsafe thermal fuse.

Integration with systems such as Be Safe Direct's smoke control panels will give this functionality.

This means that specifiers can safely select the FSD-TD series for use in HVAC ductwork systems to safely fulfil the regulations in the form of Approved Document B (ADB) to protect both escape routes and areas with sleeping risk, as well as standard compartmentation.

Fire damper testing is generally undertaken to BS EN 1366-2 and for a fire damper to fulfil the requirement to protect escape routes and areas with sleeping risk they must be classified ES to BS EN 13501-3.

Features and Benefits

  • The majority of the FSD-TD product variants are covered by third party Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) product certification. This represents both full BS EN ISO 9001 quality compliance and a guarantee that the products are fully representative of those actually tested.
  • Tested and certified installation variants of the FSD-TD are available to cover masonry walls, dry walls, batt walls and floors. These cover the majority of applications/supporting constructions that are required to maintain compartmentation and protect escape routes and areas with sleeping risk.
  • All BSB tested installation methods give at least a ES120 (E120S) classification, usually only limited by the wall construction used. This is extended to ES240 (E240S) when installed using a HEVAC frame in a masonry/blockwork floor or wall.
  • Sleeve and angle methods, HEVAC frame methods, angle frame methods, cleat and drop rod methods and batt infill methods are available.
  • Some rarer installation applications are covered by assessment/test information to BS 476-20/22.
  • Minimum size 100 x 100 (not adapted from a larger size by reducers) available for space saving.
  • Circular connection - base damper does not increase, thus saving space and transport volume.
  • Single section size 1000 x 1000, available from the smallest size up to this in millimetre increments.
  • Multi-section configurations are available to specific customer requirements, but will be subject to Building Control Authority approval.
  • No duct sleeve, again giving space savings over other models and savings on transport volume.
  • Standard construction is a fully welded galvanised steel case, which gives a casing leakage that complies with Class C ductwork leakage specifications.
  • Blades have folded safe-edges to aid site safety.
  • Galvanised mild steel, Ferritic (430) type 1.4016 or Austenitic (316) 1.4401 grade stainless steels for the blades and case are available for specific customer requirements.
  • All blade and motor connecting drives are removed from the airstream and are fully enclosed. This gives both increased free area through the damper and protection to the mechanisms.
  • Electrical Actuators (24VAC/DC, 230VAC,) have a less than 60 second motoring time. They have multi-position fitting and, being remote from the duct, allow space savings.
  • Pneumatic Actuator (5.6 bar) have a less than 3 second opening and closing time. They have multi-position fitting and, being remote from the duct, allow space savings.
  • All factory fitted actuators are tested prior to despatch (NOTE: The thermal fuse needs to be fitted/installed through the duct wall by the customer when the damper is installed).
  • The FSD-TD has a strong and robust design to both meet the exacting fire testing requirements and be resilient to site handling. This is supported by sound production techniques which result in a quality product.

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