With any building being used for commercial or residential purposes, exhaustive measures must be undertaken to ensure the safety of all occupants in the case of a fire. Be Safe Direct are proud to be able to offer the BS5839 approved FDS FireSmart control panel as a means of securing your buildings safety.

The fire safety industry is experiencing a transformation with an increase in stringent regulations coming into place; as such, it's imperative to choose an innovative fire safety system, that is designed to comply with these regulations and standards.

Whilst there are many control panels on the market, many of them are limited in their functionality and are not BS5839 compliant. In accordance to BS7346-8, which states that the minimum design standards for a fire alarm and detection system – If the building requires a form of detection system to ancillary parts of the building, it is clear that a compliant BS 5839 – 1 system is required. This is a particularly important requirement as the majority of new buildings, especially in the residential sector are requiring such systems.

Future-Proof System

FDS FireSmart is an intelligent control panel which actively contributes to occupants means of escape and provides clear and safe access needed for firefighting services to control the situation.

  • Control Fire alarm, Fire Detection and Smoke Ventilation Systems systems from a single panel.
  • Open-Protocol offers future modification and maintenance from other suppliers.
  • Offers an increased opportunity for space and budget savings at planning.

The control panel is compliant to the BS 5839. A requirement of this standard is the integration of fire alarms and smoke detection systems in one singular control panel, two elements that are usually controlled independently.

FDS FireSmart offers a more efficient solution for the reporting and monitoring of your smoke control system.

The integration for multiple system elements into a single control panel offers the opportunity to save space and money. It reduces the number of systems needed around the building whilst paying for a single control panel as opposed to multiple systems. Maintenance costs are also potentially reduced as both systems can be maintained simultaneously, without the need for two separate maintainers and maintenance schedules. Furthermore, the chances of issues with the system being overlooked are reduced. Commonly, when smoke ventilation and fire detection systems are tested by fire alarm companies, the smoke ventilation systems are overlooked. This can of course lead to expensive repair costs later down the line and potentially put residents lives at risk in the incidence of a fire.

Complete Control

Primarily, FDS FireSmart provides the cohesive management of three central ventilation systems, Mechanical ventilation (powered by fans), Natural ventilation (powered through passive forces of wind) and car park ventilation (uses mechanical but also improves the air quality within these car parks).

The control panel activates these systems when smoke is detected in the building. It manages the system operation to enable the effective removal of smoke from the building, a critical factor in drastically improving means of escape for occupants.

Smoke is arguably the most significant threat during the fire, impacting your breathing and sight. Effective smoke ventilation provides better visibility to find safe escape routes for occupants and clears the way for firefighters to fight the fire.

Open Protocol

A key benefit of FDS FireSmart is that it's an open-protocol system. An Open-Protocol means you are not constricted to the single manufacturer and can deviate to third-party companies for additional systems and components. Therefore, if required, you can adapt the FDS FireSmart into a fully bespoke system complimenting the exact needs of your building.

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