FDS FireSmart

Be Safe Direct are proud to introduce the BS 5839 approved FDS FireSmart Intelligent Control Panel, an innovative offering from The FDS Group.

FDS FireSmart

In the wake of increasing demands for system compliance, in particular BS 5839, FDS FireSmart is the ideal solution. It offers a single control panel for the management, monitoring and reporting of Fire Alarm, Fire Detection and Smoke Ventilation Systems, offering ultimate efficiency and a highly effective system.

The FDS FireSmart offers:

  • Control Fire Safety Systems from a single panel 
  • Open-Protocol allowing for future modification and maintenance from other suppliers 
  • Increased opportunity for space and budget savings 

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Why Choose FDS FireSmart?

In any large building intended for commercial or residential use, the control and ongoing monitoring of the fire safety systems are extremely important for both occupants’ safety and the longevity of the building itself. Therefore, it is in all shareholders interest to use leading fire safety systems serving this purpose.

Whilst there are a variety of control panels available on the market which provide insight for the attending firefighters in the event of an emergency, many of these are limited in their functionality and require investment into additional systems should you want more functions.

Be Safe Direct exclusively offer the FDS FireSmart intelligent control system which actively contributes to occupants means of escape and provides the clear access needed for firefighting services to control the situation.

The Benefits of a Compliant System

The control panel, compliant to BS 5839, provides flexibility and an easy installation process which combines all of the building’s fire systems within a single loop. These systems are comprised of several high-quality fire safety components to form a complete and compliant smoke ventilation and fire detection system.

FDS FireSmart Loop

Predominantly, FDS FireSmart allows users to manage and monitor natural, mechanical and car park smoke ventilation systems alongside other systems including sprinkler, sounders and automatic opening vents (AOVs).

Open-Protocol System

FDS FireSmart is also operating off an open protocol design allowing for the addition or extension of fire safety networks and is compatible with a wide range of systems. It does this whilst not being tied to a single manufacturer providing choice, a bespoke solution to your building’s needs and easy maintenance and aftercare.

Ease of Use

With the panel’s state of the art monitoring and uninterrupted power supply, the FDS FireSmart constantly monitors all fire safety components and reports any faults immediately. Providing further reassurance to owners, the FDS FireSmart produces status reports and insights whilst documenting the history of the system’s operation.

Technical Specification

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